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Professional Comments

"Ocular Concepts Natural-Iris Conformers are a new rehabilitative conformer that allows the immediate post-operative enucleation patient to comfortably heal without an eye patch covering the socket for the time period required prior to fitting with a custom made prosthesis. Clearly an excellent choice."
Roger A. Dailey, MD

"I have been offering all enucleation patients the option of an iris conformer during the four to six weeks they wait to be fit with their permanent prosthesis. The parents of a seven year old were thrilled to know their child's cosmetic appearance would be restored immediately after surgery. A forty-five year old woman cried tears of relief when she saw the conformer in place and urged us to provide them to all enucleation patients. We now give the option to everyone undergoing an enucleation."
Eric Nelson, MD

"The Natural-Iris Conformer is an excellent product for immediate post-op enucleation patients. Patients find them to be very comfortable. The biggest difference I have seen is the patients' ability to get on with social activities before getting their custom prosthesis. I have had many patients that would wear patches or dark glasses. Some would wear their hair over their face or refuse to leave the house until they got their custom prosthesis. With the more normal appearing Natural-Iris Conformer, patients feel more at ease."
John D. Ng, MD

"As routine as enucleation surgery can sometimes seem to surgeons, it is a life defining event for patients. I have found that the relatively normal appearance that patients are able to achieve with the Natural-Iris Conformer has dramatically reduced the traumatic impact and increased the quality of life for patients during this profoundly difficult period (especially children)."
Scot A. Sullivan, MD

"Our patients certainly appreciate having the iris conformer as an option. It has made coping with the healing process less traumatic."
Claudia Campbell, COT

"Our patients are very happy with their iris conformers. They are well made and patients appreciate their more natural appearance following surgery."
Sharon Susanka, COT

"I was skeptical, now I'm a believer. Shortly after offering the Natural-Iris Conformers I was overwhelmed by the results and positive responses. Comments included, improvement in appearance, increased self esteem, and it's a comfort, both physically and emotionally. I believe every new patient from surgery should have this unique and beneficial option."
Dori K. Hosek, BCO

The "Natural-Iris Conformers presents an immediate emotional and psychological lift at the most critical of times for the patient and their family."
Doss K. Tannehill, BCO

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