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Patient Comments

"We walked in with an uncomfortable skin rash due to a patch and walked out with an iris conformer. We were amazed at the difference it made."

"I was able to return back to work without everyone staring and whispering behind my back."

"I remember when my bandage was first removed, I was bruised and swollen, but I at lease I saw an eye there and what a secure feeling that was."

"Wow, it was though I still had my own eye in there."

"I could hardly wait to get my custom eye knowing it would look even more realistic than the conformer."

August 29, 2007

I lost my eye from acanthamoeba keratitis; it started in December 2006 but was not diagnosed until March 2007. I underwent a cornea transplant on March 29th. In May I had a nasty infection that destroyed my lens, vitreous fluid and retina. I underwent a second surgery May 16th. After that surgery I was completely blind, the eye was shrinking and painful, and the cornea was thick and discolored. The decision to have the eye removed was made easier by the daily pain and really ugly eye. My enucleation surgery was August 7th.

My doctor placed a clear conformer in my eye after surgery and the eye was sewn shut for about a week. When the stitches dissolved and I saw my eye or should I say lack of eye I fell apart. Even though I had done my research and looked at pictures I wasn't prepared for what I looked like. I had purchased eye patches and frame huggers to cover the eye until my custom eye could be made but I just couldn't get use to the second glances and the questioning looks. Then I came across your web sight and I was so excited. I knew immediately the Natural-Iris Conformer was for me. Kevin worked with my Doctor and I received my new hazel green conformer Monday. I love it!!! I look so much better then I have looked for eight months. My family and friends say I look like "Me" again. It is so natural looking that the people I encounter in my everyday live don't take that second look any more. It's very comfortable and it holds the eye lids in a more natural position, it even follows my right eye. What more could you ask for?

Kevin, thank you so much for providing such a wonderful product! I know the "Natural-Iris Conformer" will soon be the standard in field, once the word is out that there is a choice. By the way your web sight does a super job educating people and spreading the word.

Thanks again,
Judea L.


I recently returned from E. Europe. A Prior to leaving on vacation, Maureen supplied me with a temporary prosthesis you had developed. A I was amazed at the comfort and quality of this ocular piece. A The color of the eye was as close as my natural eye as if it had been carefully custom-made.

During the trip, I had no discomfort or major problems with it and feel that this device will be a great benefit to use post-surgically instead of the clear conformer that is presently used. A Just the psychological benefit of having a normal-looking eye instead of wearing a patch is a major plus.

Bill H.

Thanks for creating this conformer. It took away all of the awkwardness and embarrassment of being in public during the healing process. It looked great and it was very comfortable. Thanks again.
- Leanne D., June 27, 2007

After having my right eye removed, I was very worried about what it would look like and if I would have to wear a patch. Thank goodness for the artificial eye that the Doctor inserted, it looked like an eye and was comfortable to wear it. To be out among friends and family and not a worry about how it looks was a blessing.
- Betty R., April 27, 2007

I had to have my left eye surgically removed due to a diagnosis of choroidal melanoma which was a traumatic experience. However, returning to every day life posed to be as traumatic as the enucleation itself. I had adjustments to make and I looked different.

I returned to work ten days later. I work in an office and deal with the public everyday. At first I wore an eye patch but it seemed to stir many questions and comments from both friends and strangers. At times this made me feel very uncomfortable and self-conscious. The patch was also very uncomfortable and chafed my skin. Finally, I decided to stop wearing it.

I found that wearing nothing over my left eye besides the clear plastic piece still generated the same amount of questions. I also found that some people appeared to find it offensive.

I feel that if I was able to wear Kevin Schou's temporary eye piece during the 6-8 week healing period things would have been less traumatic and the adjustment to normal life would have been easier. I only was able to wear the temporary eye piece for one day and I noticed that people didn't stop to look or ask questions and most people didn't even notice the difference.
- David S., May 1, 2007

I am Mary P. and here is my story. My journey began July 15, 2005 when my brother was cooking bacon. He was not paying attention, the pan was about to explode. I went running, he turned around and we collided. The fork in his hand went thru my eye. Weird- just 3 days prior I was on the phone with my mom (who is my best friend) telling her how good life is. My job was going great; I was in line for a promotion. I just bought a new to me truck. My kids were both doing great too. I remember saying "Mom things are too good, I just can't believe it".

Bam- I spent the next year and a half in agony. I went through 3 horrible surgeries, trying to save an eye that was beyond help. My life was upside down. I had pretty much lost hope. I still had my job, barely - promotion - NOPE. I spent most of my time in the house; I didn't go out very much. I felt people were always looking at me with an expression of pity. I looked horrible and felt the same. Everything hurt and the embarrassment was too much. Prior to the accident I was a self confident and happy gal. The accident resulted in the loss of sight and tremendous pain. Both of which affected my health and personality.

February 5, 2007 was the day my life turned back around. Dr. Hunts removed my eye. The pain was noticeably better, the very next day. Within 1 week I was on my way...

The end of February brought a new outlook for me. Maloney's provided a temporary iris conformer, for my March 13th appointment with Dr. Hunts. After seeing Dr. Hunts, I spent about an hour with Kevin from Maloney's, he made some adjustments. I couldn't believe that I could look like a normal person again. The tears were flowing. When I got my first look at myself with this temporary new eye (Kevin kept reminding me that it was only temporary), I was filled with an overwhelming joy.

I am again a new creation! Kevin told me when we met that he could not replace what the Lord had given me, but let me tell you the Lord gave him the skills to make me whole again. WOW!!

Within the first week, the hope I had lost was back. I went out on my first date since the accident, out to dinner with my friends twice and the next week I went to Hawaii. Not once did I have to think twice about my appearance.

Here I am today HAPPY, CONFIDENT, and SECURE with who I am. I don't get the curious looks I used to. Unless you knew me before my temporary iris conformer, you would never know that I have a fake eye. This is the kicker it's only a Temporary Iris Conformer. I go back to spend a day and a half with Kevin next week to get my permanent prosthesis.

From there, I know the sky's the limit, and you can bet that it's the stars I'll reach for.

Thank you, Kevin. For giving me back my hope, my life.
- Mary P.

Dear Kevin,
Thank you so much for seeing me when I thought I had lost my conformer. By giving me the conformer that looked like my eye made my cruise that much better. It also made my birthday a wonderful day. You made me feel so good even though I felt foolish for thinking I had lost my conformer. Thank you for being so kind and thoughtful. I got my prosthesis last week. I am really enjoying it.

Thanks again,
Carol G.

My name is Danielle and at the age of 14 I got a devastating infection in my eye that made me blind and I then developed severe glaucoma. This at no doubt was very traumatic for me. At the age of 28 the glaucoma was so severe the only option was to remove the eye. I was set aback at the thought of having to walk around with a clear conformer in its place. When I heard that I cold get an iris conformer close to the color of my other eye instead I was very excited. I truly feel that having the iris conformer made by Maloney's Prosthetics helped me heal faster emotionally. In a difficult time these wonderful people were there for me. They made it an easier transition for me to deal with.

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