What is a Natural Iris Conformer?
A Natural Iris Conformer is a post operative conformer that has an iris image in opaque plastic for use following enucleation (removal of eye) or orbital reconstruction.

What colors are available?
There are six colors to choose from - Light Blue, Dark Blue, Green Hazel, Brown Hazel, Light Brown, and Dark Brown.

What size should I order?
Natural Iris Conformers are available in three sizes - Small, Medium, and Large. Our personal experience in the last 10 years tells us that 98% have been a size medium.

How long is the Natural Iris Conformer worn?
The Natural Iris Conformer is a temporary device to be worn during the healing process following enucleation or orbital reconstruction at which time the patient needs to be fit with a custom ocular prosthesis fit by a qualified Ocularist.

How does it feel?
Patients who have used the Natural Iris Conformer state that it is completely comfortable and feels quite natural and smooth.

How do I clean a conformer?
The conformer is acrylic and may be cleaned with a mild soap and a clean washcloth. Rinse well to remove any soap and insert back into the socket. Additional instructions may be obtained from your physician or Ocularist.

How do I order a Natural Iris Conformer?
Natural Iris Conformers can be ordered thru your physician or ocularist.

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